Radical Mycology Convergence 2012

Radical Mycology Convergence 2012

The Mycelial Network Collective is excited to announce plans for the second ever Radical Mycology Convergence!

Help us plan this year´s RMC to make it as good as it can be by filling out an interest surveyhere. We will use the information gathered to help guide our decisions in forming this year´s RMC.

Stay Updated

To stay up to date on the RMC, you can join the (low traffic) Radical Mycology Announcement listservwhich will keep you updated on major announcements about the event. We will never sell or give out your information.

You can also follow us on Facebook here.

The Vision (What is this all about?)

To read the reportback from the first RMC (2011) click here.

What: As with the first RMC, we envision this unique event to be a volunteer-run gathering of mycologists, fungal enthusiasts, and Earth healers coming together to share skills and information related to the benefits of the fungal kingdom in terms of remediative properties as well as human uses. This weekend-long event will culminate in a remediation project (putting theory to practice) and will also be a unique chance to build community with like-minded mycophiles (aka mushroom lovers) from around the world. We are hoping to hold this years´s RMC in October or November somewhere along the West Coast. We are currently on the search for a location. If you have ideas or leads, please read the “Help Us Find A Location” section below.

Why: Because these skills need to get shared! We want to make information on fungi and their helaing powers accessible and tangible for as many people as possible without making it overly-heady or technical. By creating an encouraging space we hope to “bemushroom” all who attend.

Who: The Mycelial Network Collective, organizers of the RMC, would like to cordially invite anyone interested in participating in this event to come and learn, help out, or teach! For more information, please read on or contact us via email at radmycology@gmail.com.

Why “Radical?”

We see the use of fungal species for environmental betterment as an extension of “radical” or “deep” ecology, which considers all beings as having an inherent value and interdependence. Through the use of fungi to enact change, we are attempting to challenge assumptions about the importance of the fungal kingdom in an effort to help shift our relationship to the Earth toward greater harmony. One of the things that distinguishes the RMC from most of the other projects and activities going on in the world of mycology is that the kind of work we support is based on an anti-oppression analysis of the world´s problems and doesn’t rely as heavily on a globalized & industrial capitalist system. We also emphasize learning skills that help us live outside of that system and in better balance with the world (e.g. mycopermaculture, growing and foraging for our own food, and making mushroom paper and dyes).

Wikipedia on Deep Ecology

Mission Statement

The Radical Mycology Convergence (RMC) is a volunteer-run gathering of mushroom enthusiasts working to share knowledge and skills related to the use of mushrooms for environmental and personal betterment. A non-discriminatory and family-friendly event, the RMC will bring together people of all backgrounds and abilities to destigmatize and simplify this information through the engagement of various learning modes while fostering a network of like-minded people. The RMC will focus around skills related to the use of fungal species for the remediation of damaged environments to create a better world with greater ecological health. Workshops at the RMC will emphasize low-tech and low-budget techniques that support community building and self-sufficiency while encouraging independence from corporate, non-local, or environmentally exploitative materials and/or practices.

Primary Goals

  • Provide hands-on mycoremediation training. Emphasize low tech/budget techniques for soil and forest restoration.
  • Create a decentralized, inclusive network of mycologists to facilitate the expansion of knowledge, techniques, cultures, and community.
  • Be as inclusive as possible to people of various class backgrounds, races, culture, abilities, genders and ages.
  • Engage multiple modes of learning (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc.).
  • Normalize and de-stigmatize mushrooms and their many uses. Promote a better understanding of fungal biology, and the role of fungi in soil science.
  • Create a world with better soil, and greater ecological health.

Guiding Principles:

  • Building community, building a decentralized network of mycologists.
  • Emphasize local, non-corporate, non-industrial, non-exploitative practices wherever possible.
  • Encourage building a barter and gift-based economy.
  • Maintain an egalitarian, horizontal, and inclusive organizational structure.
  • Integration of anti-oppression principles, creating a safer space. Being non-discriminatory and accessible.
  • Keep everything as free/cheap and in the commons as possible.


About Radical Mycology

Spreading spores since 2006.
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