About the 2016 RMC Organizers

The RMC is made possible by the effort of a small group of organizers and the countless volunteers that collaborate at the RMC in manifesting a culture that values community cooperation and biocentric paradigms. These are the organizers of the 2014 RMC:


Peter McCoy head shot

Peter McCoy is a founding member of the Radical Mycology Collective and a self-taught mycologist with over 15 years of study and experience behind him. Peter has taught mycology and mushroom cultivation to individuals, organizations, and gatherings around the world, with a strong emphasis on creating a more self-guided and proactive mycological culture. His primary mycological interests currently focus on approriate techology in mycology, accessible mycoremediation practices, and ethnomycology of the past, present, and future. Peter lives in Portland, Oregon and is the author of the new book, Radical Mycology.

Mara Fae

bio photo

Like fungi in their ecosystems, Mara Fae Penfil creates networks around the world, sharing information and resources about the Fungal Queendom in an effort to stimulate the interconnectedness and resilience within communities. As a member of the Radical Mycology Collective and founder of Female & Fungi, Mara utilizes mycology as a foundation for social and environmental advocacy, helping to empower people through the sharing of history, personal story, and skills based in intuition and the sciences.



Willoughby Arevalo is a mycologist, farmer, kitchen wizard, artist and educator originally from Humboldt County, California, now based in Vancouver BC (Unceded Coast Salish Territories). He began seeing, loving and learning about mushrooms as a young child and went on to study mycology at Humboldt State University and learn mushroom cultivation experientially, farming at Mycality Mushrooms. He now grows mushrooms at home and in the garden, subsistence forages and prepares food and medicine from the harvests. He has been a member of the Radical Mycology Collective since 2013. He has shared his knowledge and appreciation of fungi at workshops, courses, forays and festivals around North America. His work can be found at willoughbyarevalo.com.


nance with plucky.jpg

Nance Klehm is an ecologist that hails from The Great Lakes. She works internationally training community groups in eco-sanitation and greywater systems, composting technologies, bioremediation, soil ecology, landscape reading and foraging skills. She believes that restructuring our wastestreams is one of the primary hack needed to create greater coherence between humans and their habitats. She is pictured here with her pigeon buddy Plucky.



Fern Katz is a lover of all things fungal. The deep and often mysterious connectivity between mycelium and all other earthly beings continues to feed her curiosity about the dark, magical world of fungus. As an advocate for empowerment and social/environmental justice, Fern’s mycelial web also includes doula work and herbalism.



Olga Tzogas runs Smugtown Mushrooms in Rochester, NY. She has been living the MYCOdream for over a decade now which started with a love for foraging, and now she also cultivates over a dozen different varieties of Fungi.



Alanna Burns is an artist and mushroom cultivator in New York. It started when Alanna saw five different species of mushrooms growing on her block in Bed Stuy. When she discovered one could be used to dye her pants, she was all in. Now Alanna is developing an edible and medicinal mushroom forest garden in Wingdale, NY to help people see that fungi are everywhere, can heal and nourish, and set you free.



Erica Gunnison has been cultivating and working with fungi for over a dozen years. She’s endlessly fascinated by connections and how ecosystems fit together. She also has training in herbalism, first aid, and is an avid handicrafter, gardener, and fermenter of many, many things.

Always looking for ways to be at service, Erica has a passion for facilitating the creation of self-reliant, decentralized communities, and empowering individuals to live closer to the earth. As a community organizer, Erica is plugging into 3 different events in 2016 – The Radical Mycology Convergence, The Whippoorwill Festival and The Firefly Gathering – all of them skill shares designed to empower individuals and build community.