Fertile Substrate: A Pre-RMC Course

Enhancing Land for the RMC

Wingdale, NY
Sept. 30- Oct. 3, 2016
$30-100 suggested donation (includes camping and instruction)
3 meals/day will be provided for an additional $10/day

Eventbrite - 2016 Pre-RMC Course Registration
This year, the organizers of the RMC are hosting a pre-convergence work party for 30 lucky folks. Attendees of this gathering will help prepare the land for the installations and remediation work taking place at the RMC and will learn from the organizers in an intimate environment.

Projects will include building a huge thermophilic compost pile and greywater trench, preparing substrates for mushroom cultivation and preparing sites for remediation installations. Prep work includes learning about the foundational skills needed to integrate fungi into greywater filtration, erosion control, and revitalizing compacted pasture land. This work will provide valuable skill sets for those seeking experience in coordinating educational events.

After each workday attendees will rest under the stars, enjoying discussions and presentations around the campfire.

The weekend will begin with a communal potluck on
Friday evening, September 30th.
The weekend will end with a prepared dinner on
Sunday evening, October 2nd.

Please bring snacks, potluck items, camping gear, and appropriate clothing. You will have to arrange for your own transportation.