What To Expect at the RMC

The 2014 Radical Mycology Convergence will be held October 9-14 in Orangeville, Illinois

Exact address will be given to registered attendees only.

The Radical Mycology Convergence is largely an outdoor event. We are not corporately sponsored, nor are we charging a large fee for the event’s overhead. Thus, the feel and infrastructure for the event is minimal-esque. We will have sanitation and water needs covered. And the land will be prepped (via volunteers) to make the space comfortable but many of the workshops will occur in (covered) outdoor spaces, regardless of the weather. We want people to be prepared for this and assess their level of comfort with camping, etc.

The ethos and topic matter of the RMC draws people of all backgrounds, political stances, and lifestyles. Thus we encourage all participants to come to the RMC with an open mind and an excitement to learn from others. Please see our Anti-Oppression Policy below.

Also, here are a few other tidbits to know before arriving.

  • The landowners request no animals (including dogs) or RVs / campers on the land.
  • We are currently not sure how wheelchair accessible the land will be. We will update with that information as we figure it out.
  • Many of the workshops will take place outside. As it is the Midwest in October, we have no idea what the weather will be like. Be prepared for all weather conditions.
  • Once registered you will receive a confirmation email with directions to the site and other info about the event.

About The Land

The RMC will be held on a 50 acre parcel is conservation land surrounded by conventional hay fields. On this land is an agroforestry lot of walnut-red oak-white pine, two young orchards, a ½ acre cultivated food and medicinal garden, a restored prairie, a small creek, an ephemeral wetland, an old agricultural field and some recovering woodlands. This land is inhabited by many wild turkeys, white tail deer, ringtail pheasants, little brown bats, coyotes, red fox, native bees and honey bees, songbirds, bobwhite quail, toads, sandhill cranes, two barred owls and many many others of the plant, animal and fungal kingdoms.

Distances to Orangeville, IL:

  • Chicago, IL is 126 miles southeast
  • Madison, WI is 52 miles north
  • Janesville, WI is 47 miles east
  • Monroe, WI is 11 miles north on Rt. 69/Rt.26
  • Freeport, IL is 12 miles south on Rt. 26.

How To Arrive

Carpool: Registrants will receive a link to an online rideshare board to help facilitate carpooling around the country.
By Bus:
The nearest Greyhound bus stop is in Freeport, IL (12 miles away). The Freeport bus leaves from Rockford, IL at 0815
By Car: If you are travelling from Chicago or any points east, I-90 West is the best way to get close to Orangeville. Parking will be limited, so we are encouraging folks to carpool if possible.
By Bike: The Jane Addams Trail runs right through Orangeville. If you are travelling by bike from the Madison area, there are bike paths connecting the whole way. Stay tuned for announcements about a possible group bike ride from Madison to Orangeville for the RMC!
By Air: The nearest airport is the Chicago Rockford International Airport in Rockford, IL, about 45 minutes away. The Dane County International Airport is in Madison, WI, about 65 miles away, and may have more connections and easier flights for folks who are flying in.

Suggested Gear to Bring

This event will be taking place in October in the Midwest, which means the weather could be cold and rainy. We will have some covered spaces but the event will be outdoors so come prepared with tents, tarps and other good camping supplies! The site will have limited space, so we are encouraging folks to share tents if they can. Other gear to bring includes:

  • Personal chair, plate, cup, & silverware
  • Camping gear (sleeping bag, tent, etc.)
  • Snacks & food to share
  • Extra money for raffle items and merchandise
  • Flashlight
  • Foraging gear (basket, knife, brush, paper bags, ID books, etc)
  • Clothing for all weather conditions
  • Something for the Saturday night talent show
  • Spore prints/syringes & cultures for the species swap
  • Items from out donation wishlist

Alternate Sleeping Options

For those who do not want to camp on-site, here are some links to nearby motels and hotels.

AmericInn in Monroe, WI
Gasthaus Motel in Monroe, WI
Super 8 Motel in Monroe, WI
TownHouse Motel in Freeport, IL
Baymont Inn and Suites in Freeport, IL

You can also look into Couchsurfing or Air B&B in the area.

Meals at the RMC

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided to all registrants of the RMC. We thank all of the people and organizations who were kind enough to donate food and cooking gear to our community kitchen. We also thank all of the volunteers who will donate their time to cooking the meals that will nourish and sustain us during the convergence. Y’all rock!

Drug/Alcohol Policy

The RMC is a drug free event. Alcohol will be allowed but we ask that people drink responsibly and to keep the drinking family friendly and appropriate.

Anti-Oppression Policy

In order to create a safe and productive environment for learning and building community, the organizers of the Radical Mycology Convergence (RMC) have established a zero tolerance policy toward oppressive behavior. This policy is not a means to punish people for their behavior. Rather, it is a means by which an individual can work with other in order to begin overcoming the socialization that is the root cause of their oppressive behavior in the first place. Oppressive behavior is herein defined as behavior that demeans, marginalizes, threatens or rejects people because of some personal characteristic that harms no one and can’t be readily or justifiably changed. Such traits may include a person’s age, gender, ethnicity, religion, mental health, race, culture, sexual orientation, general appearance, income, living situation, experience in social or mycological work, or being a parent or a child.

A conflict mediation team will be available to support the emotional well being of the event participants, and to assist with resolving conflicts should they arise. The conflict mediation team and the RMC organizers reserve the right to ask anyone to leave who is exhibiting behaviors that compromise the success and safety of the Radical Mycology Convergence.

Past RMCs

To learn a bit more about what to expect at the RMC, you can read descriptions of past RMCs below.

Radical Mycology Convergence 2011
To read the reportback from the first RMC (2011) and see how the first one went, click here.

Radical Mycology Convergence 2012
The 2nd Radical Mycology Convergence was a huge success! Videos of most all of the workshops from the 2012 RMC can be seen here. A reportback from the 2012 RMC can be read here. And a short video on the 2012 RMC can be seen here.

Radical Mycology Convergence 2014
To read the reportback from the latest RMC, click here.

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