Why Radical?

We see working with fungal species for social and environmental betterment as an extension of “radical” or “deep” ecology, which considers all beings as having an inherent value and interdependence. By working with fungi to enact change, we are attempting to challenge assumptions about the importance of the Fungal Queendom in western culture in an effort to help shift society’s relationship to the fungi (and, by extension, the Earth) toward greater harmony.

The values behind the RMC focus on directly reducing ecological disturbance and human mismanagement of the world’s finite resources by emphasizing community building, sustainable lifestyle practices, and personal empowerment to bring about positive and lasting change.

We see the emphasis that the RMC puts on working with the fungi for social and global change as a distinct (and “radical”) shift from the traditional approach of traditional mycology that has long-focused on the identification and consumption of foraging fungi.